Studying Law @ NLUO

General Overview

In pursuit of its goal of promoting integrated knowledge, National Law University Odisha offers co-operative learning opportunities. NLUO provides a platform for multi-dimensional learning experience which integrates rigorous academic, applied, practical and cross disciplinary perspectives to ensure a deep understanding of law in all its contexts. We invest in quality legal research and promote an environment which allows exchange of intellectual thought process. Our law school is an incubator for nurturing scholarship and innovative ideas and inculcate analytical and critical thinking in the classroom enriching our students’ understanding of law.

The undergraduate degree in law integrates liberal arts (B.A) and managerial excellence (B.B.A) courses into the stipulated five years. The unique undergraduate programme we have devised gives students a whole array of professional choice – whether it be litigation, academia, entrepreneurship, international private or public law practice, corporate practice, civil services, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, or work with international non-profit organizations.

In view of National Educational Policy (NEP) 2020 suggesting ‘job-ready’ courses with multiple entry and exit points, NLUO successfully offered the B.Voc. programme. In 2023, NLUO introduced the B.A. (Specialization) Programme to generate job-ready skilled graduates.

NLUO offers following undergraduate study programmes. 

1. B.A.LL.B
3. B.A. (Law)