Human Rights Law Journal

Human Rights Law Journal

About the Journal

 Human Rights Law Journal (HRLJ) is an annual double-blind, peer reviewed academic journal bearing ISSN No.  2581-3307 brought out by National Law University Odisha with an objective of encouraging legal writing and scholarship in the field of human rights. The Journal started in the year 2016 and has received quality submission, both doctrinal and empirical in nature from members of the legal academia, professionals and students. The printing and distribution partner for the Journal is Eastern Book Company Group, one of India’s most prominent law publishers.

There is a need for contextualised discussion and discourse on human rights that adequately reflects cultural diversity, the sovereignty of states, and the universality of human rights. In the same vein, the editorial board of Human Right Law Journal encourages focused scholarly writings in the domain of human rights and invites submissions from students, academicians, researchers and legal practitioners. The Journal accepts submissions in the form of articles, case comments, legislative comments and book review.

The upcoming issue of the Journal is based on the theme ‘Business and Human Rights’.