The Centre of Tribal Studies at National Law University Odisha has been established to conduct both qualitative and quantitative, action-oriented and policy research on issues related to tribal welfare. The Centre intends to facilitate quality research and analysis in the domain of tribal affairs and its legal, social, economic and cultural dimensions for the purpose of providing sustainable solutions to the broader issue related to the social-political and economic dimensions of Tribal People. It also aims at cultivating efficient and latest information and documentation services in tribal-related issues in India and abroad and to disseminate information and create awareness. The Centre has organized multiple workshops and seminars for the purpose of facilitating awareness of the problems faced by the tribal community at large and encouraging communication between the technical experts and the popular leaders working in the area.


The NLUO Centre for Tribal Studies firmly believes that the tribal peoples are entitled to the full enjoyment of their individual and collective rights as enshrined in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People based on their own customs, distinct cultural identities, and lived experiences. We envision a space wherein the trained law students may take up the mantle of being active contributors in the areas of independent and unbiased research, case analyses, policy paper drafting, etc. Such roles are to be engaged with the sole purpose of ensuring the preservation of the constitutional guarantees to the Tribal peoples of India in particular and the international comity in general.

The Centre continues to engage in action-oriented policy research on issues pertinent to indigenous peoples’ legal rights.In this light, the Centre with the help of its student members and the faculty remains committed to undertaking academic and social discourse with like-minded partners and the indigenous and tribal groups in the society.

Objectives of the Centre:

  1. To promote action-oriented policy research with the goal of understanding and promoting social security and insurance for welfare to vulnerable groups of peoples in general and specifically to tribal peoples.
  1. To prepare the students with critical and conscious reasoning by engaging them in broad tribal rights legal academic research and interaction with the tribal groups particularly at the local and grassroots level. The aim is in creating independent and unbiased researchers, in the area of case analyses, policy paper drafting, etc.


Advisory Board Members

Prof. Augustine Veiath
(Our Team) Faculty Advisors



Mr M Vijay Bhaskar Co Director
Student Members

Anmol Kumar Oraon (4th Year):

Barsha (3RD YEAR)

Tanistha Mangaraj 3rd Year

Priti Singh ( 3 rd Year)

Mitali Rawat (3rd Year)



Mylabathula Charmi Sudeepthi (3rd Year)


Stuti Nayantara Horo ( 2nd Year)



Sasretha Singh (2nd Year)


Tudu Jeisy (2nd Year)

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Activities: (inreversechronologicalorder)

  1. Blog Series

Date: 30th August 2023 Event: Blog writing About the Event:

“THE FOREST RIGHTS ACT,” penned by TANISTHA MANGARAJ. It delves into the Forest Rights Act, exploring the active role of tribal culture in preserving forests, and uncovering recent developments in this field.




  1. Blog series

Date: 21st July 2023 Event: Blog writing About the Event:

REDD+ & INDIGENOUS RIGHTS,” penned by Stuti Horo. The blog delves into the intersection of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and the fundamental rights of indigenous communities. Whilst noting the significance of acknowledging and safeguarding the rights of these communities while addressing environmental challenges.




  1. Village Visit

Date: 2nd April 2023
Event: Village visit under Kutumb Project About the Event:

The Centre for Tribal Studies, NLUO visited Munda Sahi village situated at Sector 13, CDA, Cuttack on 2nd April 2023. Munda Sahi is an adopted village under the University’s Kutumb initiative. The majority of the population of the village consists of various tribal groups (both Scheduled Tribes and Tribes).Around 50 residents (women and children) took part in the activities at the village community hall. The activities conducted during the visit were Cleanliness Drive, Awareness on Tribal Rights, Informal interviews with the residents by the Centre. Faculties Dr. Suvashree Panda and Mr. Kumarjeeb Pegu along with students Charmi Sudeepthi, Mitali Rawat, Stuti Horo, Sasretha, Tudu Jesy, Tanistha Mangaraj conducted the programme



  1. MoU signed with Centre for Adivasi Research and Development ( CARD )

Date: 30th January, 2022 Event: MoU Signing About the Event:

Collaboration with CARD will be enhancing the research values of the center and will be helpful for arranging seminars/webinars with much more success, The centre for Tribal studies plans to establish a Chair Tribal studies, Conduct field visits for research orientation along with the help of district administration in tribal dominated areas.. To prepare research paper on the field trips including the suggestion for development, conducting Webinars, Credit Course/Diploma Course, Legal Awareness Camps in remote areas.

  1. The Centre released an Edited Book on ‘Tribal Justice’ which was published by Eastern Book Company.

Date: 23rd of October 2020


Event: Book release About the Event:




  1. Webinar

Date : 23rd of October 2020Event : Webinar
About the Event :


The Centre successfully conducted a webinar on ‘Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on tribal communities’ with Dr Jagannath Ambagudia, Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, TISS Guwahati & Mr. Sandeep Kumar Pattnaik, from the Center for Public Policy Alternatives (CPPA), Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 23rd of October 2020.






May 23rd of May 2021 Event: WEBINAR About the Event:
The Centre successfully conducted a webinar on ‘Impact on Tribal Tradition and Livelihood Post the Emergence of Naxalism’ with Dr. Kapila Khemundu, Assistant Professor & HOD (I/C), Department of Sociology, Central University of Odisha, Koraput and Dr. Debendra Kumar Biswal, Assistant Professor, Department of Contemporary & Tribal Customary Law, Central University of Jharkhand on 23rd of May, 2021.





Courses: Tribal identity and forest rights in India (Prepared by Kumarjeeb Pegu. Taught as a seminar paper under the LL.B Curricula.