NLUO Centre for Mediation and Negotiation

The Centre for Mediation and Negotiation is an initiative by the University to promote academic research on themes pertaining to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR is a new and emerging interdisciplinary field that is concerned with, inter-alia, the following themes: The study of the causative structural factors and the subjective motives of the actors giving rise to disputes; the study of the formal and informal institutions dedicated to the resolution of disputes through Mediation and Negotiation; and the study of the laws and regulations to produce fair outcomes of disputes. The Centre is particularly oriented towards the study of Mediation and Negotiation. The centre, apart from research tries to acquaint students with the working of various processes and plans on organising various events like Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), seminars, training workshops, diploma and certificate courses on ADR to promote practical learning. The long-term aim of the centre remains to inculcate in students, the faculty of mediation and negotiation and enhance their communication skills. It thus looks forward to extensive collaborations with institutions, both professional and academic, engaged in this new field.

The NLUO Mediation Cell is the first institutional-run mediation cell in India to provide live mediation services (both private and court-referred mediation). The NLUO Mediation Cell is aimed to handle multifarious legal disputes including family, matrimonial, property, land and consumer disputes through mediation with the help of faculties-cum-trained mediators. At the beginning, the Cell is said to extend the focus on people from nearby places and will gradually extend to the whole state and provide free mediation services both physically and virtually through Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

● Free Mediation services and legal assistance
● Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)
● Multi-lingual Mediation Sessions (Odia, Hindi, English)
● Certified and Trained Mediators
● Solutions to a variety of disputes (Consumer, Land and Property, Family, Matrimonial)
● Consent Forms (The consent of the parties is duly obtained prior to the beginning of the session)
● Flexible Schedules
● Waiting Room
● Private Room for the conduction of Private Mediation Sessions

1) Prof. Ved Kumari
2) Prof. (Dr.) Dolly Jabbal
3) Dr. Mayank Tiwari
4) Dr. Sudatta Barik
5) Dr. Suvrashree Panda
6) Ms. Ankeeta Gupta
7) Ms. Rashmi Rekha Baug
8) Dr. Akshay Verma

  1. Mr. Abhay Kumar
  2. Dr. Akshay Verma


  1. Priyanshu Bhayana
  2. Tanuj Sharma
  3. Ridhi A. Jain
  4. Souparna Mukherjee
  5. Sri Valli M
  6. Tanish Arora
  7. Tanishtha Mangaraj
  8. Asutosh Pattnaik
  9. Punyasholka Parija
  10. Sameer Goyal
  11. Suhani Sharma
  12. Yash Kaushik


1 July 2022 Workshop on Mediators Opening Statement by CMN, NLUO in collaboration with Accords International
The Centre for Mediation and Negotiation conducted its first edition of a two-hour online workshop in collaboration with Accords International on Mediator’s Opening Statement successfully. It witnessed a large number of participants across many reputed universities. The centre is planning to undertake more events in the future in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society of NLUO amongst other institutions. This would help in sensitising the masses about the concept of Mediation and Negotiation as primary methods of dispute resolution
2 August 2022 Legal Literacy and Outreach Drive for the unprivileged masses conducted in collaboration with Legal Aid Society and Pro Bono Club
The Centre had organised a legal literacy and outreach drive concerning mediation of disputes in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society and the Pro Bono Club, NLUO, at the Jankia Legal Aid Clinic established by NLUO. The Centre undertook the task of dissemination and awareness with the help of roleplays and distribution of handouts in Odiya to the local masses in order to spread the word about the services that the Centre offers. A splendid turnout was observed and the interaction with the masses was made fruitful by the help of all the centres involved in the venture.
15 August 2022 Inauguration of NLUO mediation Cell
The NLUO Mediation Cell at the National Law University Odisha was successfully inaugurated by Hon’ble Dr. Justice S. Muralidhar, Chancellor, NLUO & Chief Justice, High Court of Orissa on 15th August 2022 in the presence of Prof. Ved Kumari, Vice Chancellor, NLUO and Prof. (Dr.) Yogesh Pratap Singh, Registrar, NLUO. The event witnessed huge participation by the local masses including some CMC Corporators of the nearby wards amongst others. Justice Muralidhar unveiled the foundation stone of the newly established Mediation Cell and ushered in a new beginning of institutionally-run Alternative Dispute Resolution forum in India. The inauguration was followed by a multilingual presentation by the members of the Centre for Mediation and Negotiation (CMN), NLUO wherein they emphasized about the importance of the Centre, the vision and goal with which it is set up and the Mediation Cell. Apart from this, the presentation also included the initiatives that have already been undertaken by the Centre as a part of its social activism.
After the presentation, Justice Muralidhar inspected the mediation room which was already equipped with all the resources to formally commence with the mediation sessions. The student volunteers had also prepared a skit on, “Mediation: An Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism” to spread awareness about the same amongst the local masses and they performed the same. Multilingual handouts containing information about the Centre and the Cell were distributed amongst the attendees. Justice Muralidhar applauded the initiative taken by the Centre.
Project KUTUMB
The students of various centres of NLUO are involved in various activities under Project Kutumb on the various occasions. Project Kutumb predominantly works in the village welfare field vis-a-vis legal awareness, education, health and wellbeing. The members of Centre for Mediation and Negotiation, NLUO regularly present skits, and demonstrations that help in signifying the importance of mediation as a dispute resolution mechanism and information is shared regarding the process of mediation and the mediation facility available at the University. The program was well received by the members of the village community who welcome the team from NLUO with open arms and whole-heartedly participate in the programme by asking questions, sharing their concerns and issues and showing the team around the village to apprise it of the living conditions and the facilities provided by the government
21 January 2023 & 23 January 2023 CMN stall at NLUO Flower show.
During the annual flower fest held between 21st to 23rd January 2023, we at Centre for Mediation and Negotiation had the opportunity to put an awareness stall. The centre aims to spread awareness regarding the alternative dispute resolution programmes like mediation and negotiation. It conducts research in ADR areas to discern various techniques to adept this emerging process, more feasible and affordable than the conventional litigation. The members at the stall explained about the benefits of mediation over litigation and how we as a mediation cell have been able to resolve disputes. We preferred affordability, the win- win results, easy and less cumbersome mediation over expensive and tiring litigation. This was displayed during the flower fest wherein we were able to showcase the facilities available at the NLUO Mediation Cell. We, as a renowned centre has several highly trained mediators who are acquainted with techniques of carrying out the process of mediation in various disputes such as consumer disputes, matrimonial disputes etc. The visitors turned out in huge number showcasing their inquisitiveness and interest in knowing about the centre and its mediation cell. Many of them were able to grasp the content of the CMN stall and booked their cases at NLUO mediation cell. The centre assured them great service and the best results. Conclusively, the motive of bringing harmony and securing relationships through the process of mediation by providing services at negligible costs were well reached out to the public through the awareness stall at the flower fest.
23 May 2023 International Mediation Clinic Network
NLUO Mediation Cell became the first and the only Mediation Clinic from India to be a part of the first meeting of the member driven Clinic Network facilitated by Charlie Irvine, Mediation Clinic Director of Strathclyde University, Glasgow. The network included clinic leaders in Universities from the UK, Nigeria, Australia, Czech Republic, Poland, USA and India. The meeting was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Ved Kumari along with Mr. Abhay Kumar and Dr. Akshay Verma, on behalf of the NLUO Mediation Cell. Prof. Ved introduced the Cell and discussed its working along with various initiatives taken up by the Cell in last one year since its inception. The prime focus of the meeting was to understand the working of mediation clinics across various institutions in UK and around the globe. It further emphasised on the possibilities of collaboration amongst the clinics. The meeting ended with the creation of International Mediation Network. NLUO Mediation Cell is hopeful as a member of the Network to share best practices, collaborate and promote Mediation Clinics’ work across Universities around the globe. NLUO Centre for Mediation and Negotiation is thankful to Ms. Pauline McKay for providing this opportunity.
8 July 2023 Outreach Drive under Project KUTUMB
The NLUO Centre for Mediation and Negotiation (CMN) under Project KUTUMB successfully conducted its outreach drive on July 8, 2023, in the village Brajebeharipur Tala Sahi. The main purpose of the drive was to make the villagers aware about the process of Mediation and understand that mediation is a hassle-free process driven by the parties that provides speedy justice. 45 – 50 villagers had attended the session. A skit providing simulation of a mediation session was performed by the students to demonstrate a very lucid and simple description of the process of Mediation and its functioning. It further showcased the difficulties faced by the people while trying to resolve the same dispute in the Court of Law. The students also made their best efforts to answer the questions and queries raised by the audience, by giving them very simple explanations to the doubts they had regarding the process of mediation. The students also went for door-to-door interaction with people and distributed pamphlets making people aware about the Project KUTUMB and facilities available at NLUO Mediation Cell. The Centre has identified few land and construction disputes in the village, and is hopeful to resolve them in near future with the support of people and the intervention under Project KUTUMB.

Location of NLUO Mediation Cell:
Centre for Mediation and Negotiation, 1st Floor, Academic Block National Law University Odisha Kathajodi Campus, CDA Sector 13, Naraj Road Cuttack, Odisha – 753015
Contact Details:

  1. Dr. Akshay Verma: +91-9643743853
  2. Mr. Durbadala Mantry: +91-9692004909
  3. Asutosh Pattnaik: +91-6370181093

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