Alumni Testimonial

Alumni Testimonial

Name: Sakshi Mishra

Designation: Associate, L&L Partners Law Offices, New Delhi (formerly known as Luthra and Luthra Law Offices)

Batch: 2014-19

E-mail address:

It is a delight to tell you about NLUO where I have grown as a student, person and professional in the span of 5 years. The five years that I have spent here as a student has been fantastic for a whole host of reasons. This college has inspired me to become a better version of myself. The ultimate aim of the college is to get a degree at the end and I have found that NLUO is a great place to study, not least because it is a university that makes you want to learn. The faculty has been light at the end of every tunnel whom we students follow and find our path. NLUO never fails to motivate its students to take up challenges and inspire them to excel in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Whatever in this short span I have achieved, it is because of the teachings and practical knowledge provided by the university.


Name – Titiksha Shrivastava

Designation– Media Lawyer & Actor (Bollywood entertainment Industry.)

Batch: 2012-2017

Email address–

I still remember choosing NLUO over all other University preferences in my CLAT form back then in 2012. This was because the syllabus of NLUO mentioned Media Laws in its course curriculum. I was always an artistic person looking for artistic areas academically and in extracurricular activities. During my 5 years at NLUO I got to experience and explore almost every aspect to everything I wanted to build as my career. From being the cultural committee convenor for two years to getting a pre-placement in a Media law firm in Mumbai, everything at NLUO supported me to excel in the area I am in today. I always believed that there is creativity in law and I always pursued it in my own artistic way & which is why I am dancing succesfully between both these professions today being an actor and an actor’s lawyer as well. During NLUO days i was known for my dance performances and organizing events. Today those college experiences, right academic guidance, support of my professors, staff and seniors. I am able to balance and understand both worlds of a client and a lawyer in the entertainment industry. The kind of exposure I have received at NLUO is priceless and is helping me reach my goals with each passing day. I wish the same for all the students graduating every year from NLUO.

Lots of love and wishes.


Name: Lt. Vasa Jaishanth

Designation: JAG Officer, Indian Army

Batch: 2013-2018

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NLUO has always been and always will be a huge part of my life. It gave me the elements I required to do the job that I do. NLUO has given me a lot of opportunities not only career-wise but also with respect to personal growth and developing leadership skills. All of this has been instrumental in making me the Army Officer that I am today. Accomplishing one’s dream to be a successful lawyer is completely in one’s own hands and all that the teaching staff can do, is to groom them. It’s not just academic scores that matter, but understanding the principles of law that makes one a good lawyer. With a focused and attentive mind and a willingness to learn and not just enjoy life, one leaves NLUO as a successful lawyer with miles ahead of them. In the Army, it is said that if a junior performs well then it is the credit of the senior who groomed him/her. The same applies to lawyers as well. The success stories of students of NLUO bear testament to this fact. Since the first batch, NLUO has strived hard to build a name for itself in the global arena, and so far, it’s been doing really well. I urge all of my juniors to extract the most out of the facilities available and use the resources to the optimal limit. Hardwork will never keep you waiting for good things, but laziness will. I’m a proud alumnus of this institution and always will be.


Name:Priyanka Bhattacharya

Designation:Doctor of Juridical Science (pursuing) at Chicago Kent College of Law, Master of Laws (LLM) from the University of California, Berkeley. Attorney-at-law, India.

Batch: 2011-2016

Email address:

My ardor to pursue higher education in law has been a seemingly causal event of what I fondly think of as Edward Lorenz’s Butterfly Effect. In-fact I have a strong conviction that it was the very environment at NLUO, taking her baby steps towards becoming one of the best law schools in the country and embarking on the journey to impart finest legal education, that had slowly culminated into the passion that I feel today, for law as a subject!


Name: Pankhuri Agrawal

Designation:. PhD Scholar, NALSAR, Hyderabad, Previous- Assistant Professor, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, LL.M-Business Laws, NLSIU, Bangalore

Batch: 2010-2015

 Email address:

NLUO stands true to its motto of ‘Law locates in the truth’ with equal opportunities and inclusive atmosphere to all. The inspiring faculties, diverse colleagues, and administrative openness, inculcate strong values and prepare you well for the life struggles throughout.


Name: Anvesh Shrivastava

Designation: Advocate, Standing Panel Lawyer for the State of Madhya Pradesh, High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur, LLM., RDVV, Jabalpur

Batch: 2011-2016

Email address:

I truly appreciate the way NLUO has grown over the years and is being named in one of the Top 10 Universities in the Country.

Being a student of one of the founding batches of the University, it always is a pleasure talking about the life at NLUO. The academics at the University are not just theoritical, but gives a practical and analytical approach which makes learning relatable to real life experiences, giving a huge boost to the professional life. The faculty at the University are well qualified which develops an enthusiasm to learn which is pivotal for growth of a student.

The campus is beautifully placed and is huge in area, with all availble modern facilities and with the best available research database and collection of books at the library, NLUO is truly a stand-out among other law colleges including several National Law Universities.

The profession of law is noble for the reason that its purpose is to preserve the moral sanctity that binds the society. NLUO has made me become an advocate who has to deal with the greatest possible variety of human relations and has his mettle constantly tried from every direction. The good practices that are taught in the Universiry always reflect in the manner we present the arguments of the parties in front of the Court.

Would always be proud to be an alumnus of the prestigious University.


Name: Sughosh Subramanyam

Designation: Chambers of Sughosh Subramanyam

‘A’ panel counsel for Union of India before Supreme Court of India

Senior panel counsel for Union of India before Delhi High Court

GC (legal) for Bharath Biotech

Batch: 2011-2016

Email address:

‘NLUO remains as a University, which made a lawyer out of me. From initiating me into the world of mooting, to engaging with critical course-work, it provided me with abundant avenues to choose and pursue my path. Location, faculty and facilities gave me a home away from home.


Name: Chirayato Banerjee

Batch: 2009-2014

Email address:

Being the first batch at NLUO, the 5 years that I spent here count as a crucial learning experience for me. My present role in the judicial service found its roots during my BBA LLB days at NLU Odisha. The work ethics that are required in this profession were drilled in during our early days at Nluo. The morning classes, held at the makeshift academic block or the afternoon accounts classes from the mess canteen, instilled within us an enforcer mentality that is still yielding great dividends for all of us. NLUO serves as an excellent incubator for the high flying legal eagles of the country.


Name: Darshan Borana

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NLUO is the 2nd home for me now. An institution that have students from across the country gives you can opportunity to meet new people and understand different cultures. Being one of the fastest growing institutions in legal education it gives a plethora of opportunity to its students to develop their personality and legal mind by numerous activities this college offers.

Name: Ishani Jammula

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NLUO, being one of the National Law Universities symbolises its competence with research. It is worth mentioning that the university offers umpteen opportunities to thrive in every field and acquire more skills or develop the ones that we already have. Hands down, everything is a walk away and there’s something here for everyone.


Name: Sahiba Vyas


NLUO has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. The faculties here are extremely knowledgeable and are always ready to impart you lots and lots of knowledge. The College timings here are flexible so you can excel in extracurricular activities as well. The faculties, as well as Administration, are really supportive not only professionally but also personally while a student is facing some adversity. I am extremely grateful to my University for shaping me in this manner.


Name: Pakanati Jahnavi

Email id-

I would describe NLUO as exciting and dynamic. The professors have been very receptive to any concerns or issues that have come their way and they have tried their level best to provide students with facilities and an environment that is necessary for helping them grow as independent individuals. The college does not only shine due to its academic richness but also through its variety of clubs and societies. As a result, one will be able to have an adequate work-life balance right here on this beautiful campus.


Name: Khushi Bhardwaj


NLUO strives for perfection and aims to contribute to its students’ bright future. And the pandemic did not deter the administration from being supportive and empathetic of each student’s needs, which has absolutely set a benchmark. The professors here make the university what it is today. With an attitude of being ever ready to help and delivering classroom teachings, they are also the pillars of the learning gained from this esteemed university, which is a treasure for life. I believe that my time at NLUO prepares me for what is coming after university due to the different experiences and extracurricular activities provided.


Name: Mohit Kandpal


I look back to the wonderful time that I have spent in the university, it seems to be a perfect blend of pressure and joy. While the academic curriculum and the co-curricular activities might get hectic at times, the fun fests organized every semester help in relaxing our minds and easeing the pressure. Our university has been consistently ranked in various competitions such as Mooting, Debating, ADR and all of this because of the engaging college culture nurtured by the vibrant student community over the years. I am sure this culture will be preserved by the upcoming batches and the university will achieve laurels in the times to come.

Name – Aarya Jha

Email Address –

The most admirable fact about NLUO, apart from its qualitative teaching is the balance shown here between the academic and co-curricular activities. Classes have always been a blend of theoretical and practical aspects ensuring that each student understands the course. Holistic development of the students have always been a priority.


Name: Hansujja Padhy


I met professors who motivated us to not only focus on academics but to also pursue co-curricular activities. The environment is pressurising, yet motivating. The students are competitive and dedicated to mooting, ADR activities, publications. This culture pushes you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.


Name: Isha Pande

Email address:

Studying at NLUO Odisha has been a great experience for me. I am fortunate to learn from peers and professors from all across the country. The academicians and seniors always inspire by setting higher benchmarks. The University offers endless opportunities and a wide range of societies that undertake research in various socio-legal issues, ingraining networking skills right from the first year of the degree. I was involved with the IDIA, the Debating Committee, Academic Support Committee, and the Placement Cell. From training in Odissi to exploring Cuttack’s cuisine and the language, the cultural experience remains truly unique. NLUO prepares its students for the diverse work environments that lie ahead!


Name: Arkaneil Bhaumik

Email address:

My journey at NLUO has been a beautiful ride. It has introduced me to the exciting field of law and has given me the freedom to explore it to the fullest. No matter who you are or what you like, the university will give you an opportunity to express yourself. I could not have been more grateful to have experienced the university’s vibrant culture and I am certain that the NLUO family will keep on reaching greater heights.


Name:  Indrasish Majumder


The very presence of a Society of Law and Literature, as the only society researching on the conjecture of law and literature across all Indian Law Colleges of which I am the co-convener, points to the encouraging and supportive traits that National Law University Odisha as an institution of higher learning exhibits. This is what my perception/experience towards my University is, as well. An institution that never fails to or quails from offering a platform to its students to peruse and pursue the most innovational and ingenious of ideas relating to law and otherwise.


Name: Mukesh Kumar


The innovative and student-oriented activities this university offers maintains the interests of the masses. As the head of the newly established Society of Law and Literature, I would like to sincerely appreciate the administration for taking up such conjecture of Law and Literature and establishing a society for its further research. This society has always been guided and assisted by the administration at any given time.


Name: Pratim Majumder

Email Address:

An amalgamation of academics, culture and comradery is what I synonymize my University with. Throughout this journey of attending classes to attending committee meetings, I have experienced the best days of my life. The esteemed professors, exuberant events, and the skills acquired has prepared me for proficiently spear-heading my life and making it better for people around me.


Name: Sambram Mohapatra

Email id:

NLUO offers more than just an academic education. It provides you to learn from the expertise in different fields and gives an opportunity to develop skills that helps you to pursue your future goals. I hope your Journey at NLUO will be a treasure for lifetime


Name: Vishesh Minocha


NLU Odisha provides the perfect platform for scholastic and co-scholastic growth of an individual. Not only are there plentiful opportunities for us to develop as law students, but we also get a nurturing atmosphere to refine our skills so that we are prepared to perform in professional capacities later in our lives. In my experience, this institution successfully creates an environment in which bright young minds not only get to express their ideas, but they are also able to garner the required experience which further helps with formulation of their thoughts.


Name: Ananya Satish


NLUO is home to students from diverse backgrounds from across the country. This diversity has not only helped students pursue their ideas and opinions among different sets of people in the society but has also played an instrumental role in their all-round personality development. It is this strong base that is fuelling and nurturing the passion, minds, talent, and ideas of all its members and is thereby creating a holistic environment towards their growth and success.


Name: Ishita Shailesh

Email Id |

NLUO is a little life garden that allows its flowers to bloom at its fullest. Being a part of NLUO, gives me immense subject areas to work upon, whether it’s pure ‘law’ or any other co-curricular or extra-curricular activities. This university is a safe haven for those who come to the campus with little glowing eyes full of dreams and ambitions. For me, NLUO is my home far away from home that is helping me grow physically and mentally and giving me all the opportunities to explore the unexplored within.


Name: Anuj Shukla

Email Id: ,

Regardless of securing an esteem stature for its research oriented culture, NLUO has never demurred from extending practical approach to the students. In its quest to assiduously give back to communities in its vicinity, the university takes active interest in social work and dispute resolution in the nearby rural settings. The expedition at NLUO discovering all possible exposures is magnificent.

Name: Avni Sharma

Email Address:

The beauty of the university lies in the plethora of opportunities one is exposed to right from the first day. I consider myself very fortunate to become a part of this brilliant institution. The university understands the diversity of the students and accordingly accommodates all their interests for holistic development. I will always remain grateful to this institution for making me the person I am today.


Name: Soumya Kumari

Email address-

NLUO has a stunning campus and infrastructure. My journey in this college has been amazing and faculty members are very student friendly and approachable in nature. We were also blessed with amazing seniors, who were always ready to help anytime. Further, the vast opportunities available in college have also prepared me to become the well-rounded person I aspired to be. You are bound to have life’s worth of experience once you are a part of National Law University Odisha.


Name: Tanmay Mehra

Email id:

It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of NLUO where I have established cordial relationships with various faculties. I have been involved in various endeavors that NLUO has to offer, leading to my growth as a student and as an individual. I am thankful for providing me with the maximum opportunities to groom.


Name: Eishani Patnaik

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NLUO has always been more than just a college to me. From shaping me as a responsible individual to moulding me to endeavour to perform my best at anything I undertake, it has indeed contributed to a holistic development of my personality. My teachers and friends are super nice people and are always ready to help. All in all NLUO has provided me a very conducive environment to learn and deliver to my ultimate capacity and I am elated to be a part of its student community.


Name: Sagnik Sarkar

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I still remember the day when CLAT results came out and I was confused about which NLUto choose. There were a number of factors that gave NLUO an edge over other NLUs for mesuch as experienced faculties, well diverse curriculum, different legal aid programmes andfocused mentoring. But the thing that made NLUO stand out from the crowd was its strongresearch-based approach to solving practical problems of society. The administration has alsobeen quite supportive of different student initiatives which makes it a great place to learn notonly the theories of law but also the practical aspects of it. Looking back, I am glad that Ichose NLUO and it has been a great and enriching experience for me.


Name: Varun Litoriya


The rapid rise of NLUO amongst the prominent law schools speaks volumes of the success it has achieved in providing an environment for the students to develop a solid foundation for their upcoming innings. Besides studying law for the last four years, I’ve created a confident personality under the guidance of our motivated teaching faculty whose sky is the limit.


Name: Sangya Panda

Mail ID –

The opportunity to engage with a multicultural diversity of peers has been at the forefront of my innumerable perks of my time at NLUO so far. An academic culture that goes hand in hand with one that fosters and nurtures creativity is truly the essence of the university.


Name: Utkarsh Panda


NLUO is a premier law university which imparts best standard of legal education by learned & dynamic faculties, & it motivates students who are committed to bring glory through various achievements in co-curricular, cultural & sports activities. I feel fortunate to be a student of a university with such repute and significance.


Name- Arth Singhal

E-mail Address:

If I hadn’t taken the courage to set the first step out of my comfort zone by flying outto Odisha and accepting mess food, I would have missed out on being a part of this vivid cultural diversity in the heartland of Cuttack. NLU Odisha is where ANY person can find comfort, be it academically or intra-personally and most definitely call it home!



Name: Vishal Bijlani
Email: /

Apart from a beautiful campus, adequate infrastructure, and exhaustive research resources, one of the most interesting foundations of NLUO is its “Learning Culture”. NLUO has achieved such an open culture by maintaining a balance between academics and co-curricular activities that have helped in personality development.  Being an “in-campus living” at NLUO, one learns all the time from their faculties, peers, and especially seniors who have helped in a smooth transition to settle in the dynamic education structure at NLUO.


Name: Prakhar Mishra

Email id:

NLUO has provided me with a vibrant mix of diversity and cultural differences. Knowing about every part of the country withing these walls of the Campus has been true delight. Academic are up to the standards of a National Law University and same is reflected in the students that graduate from it every year.


Name: Ketan Dev

Email id:

From past three years I have been studying in the university. During this course of time I have learnt many new things. It was a major step for me to take admission in it. For me, it was an ideal choice because the extra- curricular facilities available in the university along with studies have nurtured me. I can say that NLUO is one of the best platforms where a student can learn skills.


Name: Parthsarthi Srivastava


Fresh out of school, the prospect of spending half a decade at a place thousands of miles away from home is daunting. Now that I’m well ensconced, it’s daunting to leave. The five-year course of NLU Odisha has been the single most fulfilling experience of my life. Besides the tremendous opportunities of learning the law in the classroom and beyond, this college lets you reinvent yourself for the better. Our curriculum is designed to make us learn humanities, management, and finance besides just law. With such a mix, your views are likely to be much well rounded, which is very relevant in a future that is rapidly bending towards T-shaped skill-sets rather than overspecialization.


Name: Siddharth Jain


Exposure to law through NLU Odisha has been one of the most enriching moments for me. Looking back, I appreciate the entirety of my course and the memories accompanying it. It really is a collection of great moments and positive encounters, and I definitely cherish being part of the 2022 cohort. I have personally benefited a lot from the institution’s perfect blend of focus on curricular as well extra-curricular activities.


Name: Yasaschandra Devarakonda

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The notion of easy college life is a misnomer if you are studying in NLUO. Its excellent faculty and funneled focus academic and extracurricular activities keeps the students on their toes all the time. The curriculum is demanding with a highly competitive, multi-cultural environment of students from across India. NLUO exposes you to the right kind of professional environment and equips you with a wholesome university experience at an undergraduate level.


Name: Rose Maria Sebi

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While academics in law school can be very rigorous, students at NLUO are motivated and encouraged to engage themselves in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This enables students to not only learn the law through different activities but also helps them become well-rounded individuals. At NLUO, I’ve been fortunate to have met and worked with people from whom I’ve learned a lot. I’m grateful that university has allowed me to make mistakes, learn from them, and get better at what I do. It’s truly a place where one discovers the kind of professional and individual they aspire to become.


Name – Udita Sharma

Email Address –

Being one of the most rewarding experiences in every aspect of a law student, NLUO has provided me with the opportunity of learning with the best in the field in all segments. I can safely assure that the university avails a creative and diverse work environment leading to more dynamic and ambitious minds.


Name: Yashvardhan Singh

Email id:

NLUO for me has been a place where I’ve found my feet. The diverse culture of the university ranging from a competitive mooting environment to balanced academia and research culture has helped me shape my standing in the legal world. NLUO provides opportunities to its students which enables them to diversify and ensure that they get a holistic learning experience.


Name: Moulika Diwakar

Email id:

Within its vast and overreaching walls, NLUO has given me the space to truly grow and find myself. The University has always supported those who have had the courage to dream and pursue their passions. That is the thing that I appreciate the most – the chance to be whoever you’d like to be and the support to excel in whichever field you’d like to. NLUO has allowed me to be anything and everything, for which I’d always be thankful.


Name – Ananya Singhal

E mail address –

The university prides itself with pursuit of preeminence and glory in all avenues. The ubiquitous influence of mooting, debating, sports, etc. in the campus helps students develop on all counts, be it building minds, values, physiques or personalities.


Name: Anjali Agarwal

Email id:

NLUO has a vibrant and diverse student community along with passionate faculty who conglomerates the theoretical and practical aspects of law in an enthralling way. The University has not only managed to counter the challenges of the pandemic but has also remarkably succeeded in enhancing community resilience through its work in legal aid.


Name: Aditya Rathore

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NLUO, in all its sense, is truly a classic example of home-away-from home. With its picturesque views and wholesome pedagogy of the faculties, NLUO has acted as a personal mentor which has further helped me enhance my academic and personal skills. The practical experience imparted by the university, coupled with the accommodative attitude of the university towards its students is truly a blessing!


Name: Shantanu Dubey

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One of the integral and interesting part of NLUO is its student-run committees, instilling leadership and creativity in students. Even in these testing times, committees at NLUO, through their sheer will and innovation have delivered on their promise. We hope to see more such activities in the future that will take NLUO to greater heights!