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The NLUO Law Journal (ISSN 2348-8913) is the flagship publication of National Law University Odisha. The annual peer-reviewed journal aims to encourage legal scholarship in national and international interdisciplinary legal issues. The journal publishes and curates frontier research in multiple fields under the broad umbrella of contemporary issues in the legal field. While past editions of the journal have included special issues on topical relevance, there is no strict delineation and authors are encouraged to add to the discourse with a topic of their choice for this issue.


The NLUO Law Journal had its first volume published in the year 2013, multiple consecutive volumes of the journal were then formulated as special issues on ‘Access to Justice’, ‘Child Rights’, ‘Climate Change’ and ‘In the Memory of Padma Shri Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon’ and ‘Distinctive issue on Electoral Laws in India’. The last issue was a special issue on ‘Migration and Human Rights: Issues, Trends and Challenges’. On a wider note, all of the editions focus on topics of substantial contemporary relevance and provide an excellent repository of scholarship in those areas.











NLUO Law Journal accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Please find the submission guidelines below


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