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Law students the world over face a peculiar paradox. On the one hand, law schools relentlessly goad them towards academic pursuits and, specifically, getting their writing published. On the other hand, only a disproportionately few journals actually accept student submissons. In response to this, many universities have opted to establish journals exclusively intended for students. Such initiatives serve several purposes. One, they serve as fora for student scholarship. They also enable such scholarship to reach a wider audience, and hence encourage and incentivise student involvement in research. Secondly, since most such journals are student-run in character, they also familiarise students with the editorial and other skills required for producing academic journals.
The NLUO Student Law Journal (NLUO-SLJ) is an initiative in this direction by the National Law University Odisha (NLUO). It is a double-blind, peer reviewed, and student-run academic journal bearing ISSN No. 2305-062X. The venture has been initiated to fulfil the mandate of promoting research, scholarship, and writing among law students; it accepts contributions on all areas of law, and even social sciences issues bearing a legal slant. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of any discipline, not necessarily law, are invited to contribute. In exceptional cases submissions from full-time doctoral students may be considered, but at the discretion of the editorial board.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the contributors themselves and do not in any way represent the views of NLUO, its faculty, or its administration. NLUO assumes no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by contributors.


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Patron :-

Prof. (Dr) Yogesh Pratap Singh, Vice-Chancellor In-Charge, NLUO


Editorial Board :-

Faculty Editor

Abhik Majumdar


Review Editors (Faculty)

A B Debasis Rout

Madhubrata Rayasingh

Anurupa Chetia


Student Editors

Anshay Chopra
Ashwini Shantharam
Rakshita Agarwal
Debarshi Chakraborty
Siddharth Panda
Apoorva Satapathy
Durga Prasad Mohapatra
Arkaneil Bhaumik
Kumar Mangalam
Nazish Prabhakar
Shivalika Rudrabatla
Ankita Amarnath Kamath
Sagnik Sarkar
Sushmit Mandal
Priyadarshee Mukhopadhyay
Shaily Baag
Yashvardhan Singh


Copyright in material contained in individual articles, including but not restricted to text, photographs, charts, and tables, are the property of the
respective authors.
NLUO retains copyright over all other material published in the Journal, including but not restricted to cover and other designs.
Commercial use of any material without prior permission is prohibited. Articles may be used for non-commercial academic purposes with due

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