Jal Shakti Board

Jal Shakti Board

A. Who are we?

The Jal Shakti Abhiyan was launched by the Ministry of Jal Shakti in year 2019, as a campaign for water conservation and water security through a collaborative effort of various ministries of the Central and State Governments. The major focus of the campaign is on the districts and blocks that suffer water stress.

Jal Shakti team of National Law University Odisha has been constituted as per the direction of the Ministry of Jal Shakti as a part of its observation of Swachhta Pakwada. It came into action in June 2021. It is envisioned to provide safe and adequate quantity of prescribed quality water and harvesting rainwater or having its own rain gauge or rain recording system. Jal Shakti Campus also aims to completion of UN’s ensuring availability of water and its sustainable management and sanitation for all by 2030 and will also ensure that educating people and making the society aware of the need for water conservation.

B. Vision and Mission

Jal Shakti Board of NLUO was created with an intention to provide clean water at the campus and the adjoining rural areas and stop unwanted usage and wastage of the same. One of the major reasons of the creation of the team is toeducate people and spread awareness about water conservation, minimal usage and reuse/recycling water along with waste disposal and management. The Board will work on five target intervention areas of Jal Shakti Abhiyan 2019 and ensure progress on these lines. They are –

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Repairand desalting of water bodies
  • Rechargingand reuse of water
  • Intensiveafforestation and
  • Watershed

The Jalshakti team under the aegis of the Jalshakti Mantralaya acts a bridge between the authorities and the people and aims to help the University to create an action plan to conserve and preserve water resources. It intends to help out villages around the campus with water conservation, management and waste disposal too. With this aim the Board would be working with the nearby five villages namely: Dompada, Kushpangi, Naraj, Mundali and Amrendrapur. The Jalshakti team of NLUO also strives to educate people so that they are equipped with all the knowledge necessary to help themselves in the times of any crises that arise due to or with regards to water.


Faculty Coordinator – Dr. Suvrashree Panda
Student Members –

1. Anuj Shukla Member 5th
2. Swapnil Singh Member 5th
3. Sachin Jain Member 3rd
4. Maloti Hembram Member 3rd
5. Avismrita Mishra Member 3rd
6. Jagruti Mohanty Member 3rd
7. Meemansa Sharma Member 3rd
8. Srey Mohapatra Member 3rd
9. Gargi Agnihotri Member 2nd
9. Parineeta Member 2nd
9. Yashvardhan Meratia Member 2nd

D. Upcoming Activities

Research Proposal on Mahanadi River Dispute in collaboration with Narmada Samagra Organisation.

E. Links

Reach out to us on various social media platforms to keep yourself updated with the upcoming events which help us to stay connected.

Official Links –

Website of Ministry of Jal Shakti:

Website of Jal Shakti Abhiyan:

Jal Shakti Board NLUO –

F. Contact us

Want to know us better? We couldn’t want anything more than to hear from you. Here’s the manner by which you can get in touch with us.

Faculty Coordinator, Jal Shakti Board NLUO –

Dr. Suvrashree Panda: +918934803369

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