The flagship inter-university sports event named ‘VIRAJ’ is hosted with immense pride by the Sports Committee of NLUO, which acts as a prominent center for sports among universities across the country. The event includes participation from some of the top law universities like NLU Delhi, HNLU, NLUJAA, KLE Bangalore, Amity University, and the event has been promoted by eminent sports personalities in the past such as Shri Devendra Jhajharia.

VIRAJ marks the true spirit of sports, perseverance, and ambition with a testament to incessant hard work and sportsmanship, hosting various disciplines of sports such as Cricket, Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, etc. The event, thus, provides for a much-required platform for highly talented sportspersons to showcase their talents.

The main objective of organizing VIRAJ is to work across various sporting avenues and pushing the frontiers of inclusivity. Thus, in collaboration with the Legal Aid Society and IDIA Odisha, the Sports Committee also organises events for the specially-abled participants. This initiative has made NLUO a pioneer in Odisha, by extending its horizons to everyone and working on the principle that: disabilities are less restricted by their own impairments rather than barriers put on by society aligning with the fact that sports know no bounds.

Unfortunately, in light of the Covid-19 restrictions, VIRAJ 2020 was cancelled, which was also the first time since its inception that the event did not take place. Nonetheless, the Sports Committee is working through the ramifications of this unprecedented situation while faithfully following the State’s directions. Despite that, no matter what, VIRAJ lives to see another day.