Research Projects & Collaborations

The university is established with the purpose of promoting research in law. To achieve this objective university is pursuing with the research projects as granted by government and other bodies.

Addressing Domestic Violence in Odisha Through Institutionalised Domestic Violence Response Protocols [2023-25]

In July, 2023, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack entered into an agreement with the Netherlands Embassy to implement a project titled Addressing Domestic Violence in Odisha through Institutionalised Domestic Violence Response Protocols. The Project is funded by the Human Rights Fund. The project is for a period of two years and is led by Prof. Rangin Pallav Tripathy and Assoc. Prof. Suman Dash Bhattamishra. The project aims at establishing institutionalized domestic violence response protocols in the state of Odisha to enhance the victims’ access to justice.

Odisha State Child Labour Survey:

Seeking total elimination of child labour in the state, Odisha government has formulated a “State Action Plan for Elimination of Child Labour”. As a part of the said initiative the Department of Labour, Government of Odisha has entered into collaboration with NLUO for conducting of Child Labour Survey in Odisha. NLU, Odisha will provide the technical support for implementation of State Plan in the newly enacted Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016. As a part of the said initiative, the Labour Commissioner has also requested NLUO to finalize a team of researchers and professionals who would work with the Labour Department not just for the Survey but also in the long run for various intensive activities for elimination of Child Labour in the State of Odisha.

A Comparative Analysis of Performance Appraisal and Promotions of Subordinate Judiciary in India:

This project is aimed at conducting a comparative analysis of the performance appraisal mechanism and schemes of promotion in relation to the judges of subordinate judiciary in different states. In addition to that, the research project also aims to identify the prevalent best practices and model mechanisms in relation to the performance appraisal and schemes of promotion of the judges (of subordinate judiciary) in different states and then make recommendations on the possibility of implementing uniform standards and policies concerning performance appraisal and schemes of promotion of the judges in different states.

Analysis of the Functioning of Lok Adalats in Eastern India:

This project is aimed at studying the prevalent state of affairs as regards the functioning of Lok Adalats in the Eastern Region of India and then scrutinising the performance of Lok Adalats in terms of statistical parameters to have a more comprehensive understanding of the structural capacities and deficiencies. In addition to that, the project aims to identify the issues and factors which are impeding a more efficient functioning of the Lok Adalats, thereby also identifying the reformative measures through which the functioning of the Lok Adalats can be made more efficient.

Litigation Management in Higher education in the State of Odisha:

This project is run by National Law University Odisha in collaboration with Department of Higher Education, Government of Odisha. Though huge numbers of cases are filed in courts every month, records of the pending cases in many departments. This project work commenced on February 20, 2017 and funded by World Bank will help the Government of Odisha in monitoring all the cases ongoing against them in addition to better utilisation of resources.

Drafting of Rules for Protection of Consumers in the State of Odisha  as per Consumer Protection Act, 2019:

National Law University Odisha has completed a project entrusted by Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department, Government of Odisha, with the task of framing the Draft Consumer Protection Rules, 2020 for State of Odisha under the provisions of new Consumer Protection Act, 2019. The approved project grant was Rs.9,01,780/-. An expert team of University constituting of Faculty members and students members of Centre for Consumer Rights alongwith external experts from the field of Consumer Law have worked for the project. The University has submitted draft rules to the Government of Odisha.

Project on Odisha Direct Selling Guidelines Order, 2017:

National Law University Odisha (“NLUO”) was appointed by FS&CW Department, Government of Odisha, for rendering technical assistance (legal and economic review) for implementing the Odisha Direct Selling Guidelines Order, 2017 (vide letter No. FSCW-CC-GoI-0001-2016 23/23 dated 10th December 2018). In pursuance of the same, the University submitted its report recommending changes required to be incorporated in Odisha Direct Selling Guidelines Order, 2017.

As a part of project, NLUO reviewed the applications submitted by Direct Sellers to the FS&CW Department, Government of Odisha. Accordingly, suggestions were given to the department for further information required under from the applicants. The review was conducted on quantitative as well as qualitative measures of the available information. It was a through exercise conducted by the research team of students headed by faculty advisers and external experts.

Access to Justice for Marginalised People and Socially Relevant Legal Education [2014-17]

From 2014-2017, National Law Odisha, Cuttack implemented a project titled DoJ-GoI-UNDP sponsored project titled Access to Justice for Marginalised People and Socially Relevant Legal Education. The project was implemented in three districts of Odisha, namely, Khurda, Cuttack and Puri. The project was led by Dr Suman Dash Bhattamishra and supported by a dedicated team supervised by Ms Ratnamanjari Behura. Mr Durbadala Mantry, Mr Jitendra Khadiratna and Ms Bijayshree Barik were the Programme Associates under the project.