Centre for Banking and Insurance Laws(CBIL)


Post economic liberalisation, the financial sector has registered exponential growth, trade barriers have become redundant and the flow of capital has become freer and far reaching. As such, Banking and Insurance sectors have driven the economy’s growth and development.

The Centre for Banking and Insurance Law (CBIL) at National Law University Odisha is dedicated to facilitating higher learning, research, and allied activities in the twin areas of Banking and Insurance Laws.  It strives to foster intelligent analysis; focusing on enabling a deep and pervasive understanding of policies, regulatory mechanisms, and other aspects of these legal domains at state, national and international levels.


  1. 1. To conduct research in the areas of Banking and Insurance Laws in order to develop new insights of scholarly value and relevance.

  2. 2. To facilitate discussion on Banking and Insurance Laws by providing a platform for exchange of ideas.

  3. 3. To organise capacity development programmes by engaging stakeholders.

  4. 4. To offer advisory services in Banking and Insurance Laws.

  5. 5. To engage with regulators and statutory bodies for conducting research and allied activities.


  • Prof (Dr.) Dolly Jabbal- Director
  •  Dr. Rajat Solanki- Co-Director
  • Ms. Ankeeta Gupta- Co-Director

Student Members:

  • Ayush Shandilya- Convenor
  • Tammana Das Pattanik- Co-Convenor
  • Jahani Mahalik- Co- Convenor
  • Ishita Ayala- Treasurer
  • Aditya Roy
  • Akhil Raj
  • Biraj Kuanar
  • Ekta Gupta
  • Sparsh S
  • Pooja Reddy
  • Pratha Barla
  • Subhasmin Moharana
  • Dewansh Raj
  • Kushagra Keshav
  • Suhani Sharma
  • Vvanshika Singhal
  • Kamya Agarwal
  • Soumya Dubey
  • Aashra Patel
  • Mallika Jain


Email – |Phone number- 7977220639