Faculty Seminar Series

In any educational institution, academic discourses on emerging and important issues are central to furthering an environment of intellectual vibrancy. The exchange of ideas and information amongst faculty members plays a crucial role not simply in the personal development of the faculty members, but also creates an encouraging and dynamic academic culture.
In light of this, National Law University Odisha has launched the NLUO Faculty Seminar Series wherein on designated days, faculty members share their research in the area of their expertise or choice which will serve as the foundation of constructive academic discussion. The seminar series also serves as a platform for scholars and jurists visiting NLUO to interact with the faculty on a variety of issues.

Faculty Seminar-History

YEAR – 2016

  • 1st Faculty Seminar (27.01.2016) by Mr. RanginPallavTripathyon “The Logical Fallacy in Defining ‘Misbehaviour’ for Removal of Judges”.
  • 2nd Faculty Seminar (10.02.2016) by Mr. Amrendra Kumar Ajit on “Ethical Perspectives of Human Gene Patenting.”
  • 3rd Faculty Seminar (17.02.2016) by Prof.Uday Raj Rai, Distinguished Professor of Law on “Constitutionalism: Political and Judicial”.
  • 4th Faculty Seminar (24.02.2016), by Dr.Sheela Rai, Associate Professor of Law on “State as Arbiter between Individual and the Market”.
  • 5th Faculty Seminar (09.03.2016) by Dr.Nachiketa Mittal, Assistant Professor of Lawon “Door-Step Justice Delivery Through Gram Nyayalayas”.
  • 6th Faculty Seminar (16.03.2016) by Ms. Suman Dash Bhattamishra, Assistant Professor of Law on “Victims of Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice System Fatality of an Incredulous Interface”.
  • 7th Faculty Seminar (22.03.2016) by Mr. Amrendra Kumar Ajit, Assistant Professor of Law on “Human Gene Patenting’.
  • 8th Faculty Seminar (20.07.2016) by Mr. Rajat Solanki, Assistant Professor of Law on “Director as a Fiduciary”.
  • 9th Faculty Seminar (27.07.2016) by Mr. AbhikMajumdar, Assistant Professor of Law on “Street Food and the Law”.
  • 10th Faculty Seminar (05.10.2016) by Mr. Ramakrishna Das, Assistant Professor of Law on “Quashing of FIR under Section 482 of Cr.PC”.
  • 11th Faculty Seminar (19.10.2016) by Ms. Manisha Mishra, Assistant Professor of English on “Adaptation of Shakespeare into Indian Films: Cultural Transformation and its Perspectives”.
  • 12th Faculty Seminar (26.10.2016) by Ms. Priyanka Anand, Assistant Professor of Law on “Demystifying GS”.
  • 13th Faculty Seminar (02.11.2016) by Mr. Akash Kumar, Assistant Professor of Law on “Legal issues and challenges in regulating clinical drug trials on human beings in India – Balancing Economic Opportunities with Public Health”.

YEAR – 2017

  • 14th Faculty Seminar (04.01.2017) by Mr. Mayank Tiwari, Assistant Professor of Law on “Emerging Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Challenges and Impact on Business Performance”.
  • 15th Faculty Seminar (08.02.2017) by Mr.Abhay Kumar, Assistant Professor of Law on “Exclusion of Exclusive Right of Patentee in Drugs and Pharmaceuticals: Balancing Economic Opportunities with Health and Access to Medicine”.
  • 16th Faculty Seminar (15.02.2017) by Mr. Owais Hasan Khan, Assistant Professor of Law on “Feasibility of Joint/Shared Custody in India”.
  • 17th Faculty Seminar (01.03.2017) by Ms. Ashirbani Dutta, Assistant Professor of Law on “Questioning UN Accountability”.
  • 18th Faculty Seminar (08.03.2017) by Ms. AnanayaChakrabarty, Assistant Professor of Law on “Indian and International Criminal Court: A Relationship Not Feasible”.
  • 19th Faculty Seminar (15.03.2017) by Ms. NandittaBatra, Assistant Professor of Law on “Fair Trade Goods”.
  • 20th Faculty Seminar (22.03.2017) by Mr. Kapil Sharma,Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant on “Strengthening Compliance Mechanism under WTO”.
  • 21th Faculty Seminar (26.04.2017) by Mr. AbhikMajumar, Assistant Professor of Law on “Reappraising HohfeldThrough The Interest Theory: Epistomologica, Ontological and other Challenges”.
  • 22th Faculty Seminar (05.07.2017) by Dr.KondaiahJonalagadda, Associate Professor of Law on “Securities Fraud- Issues and Challenges for Regulators in India”.
  • 23th Faculty Seminar (12.07.2017) by Ms. SohiniMohapatra, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant on “PerceivingAnimalsAs‘Right-Holders’:UnderstandingTheConceptOf‘AnimalRights’ And ‘Animal Welfare’ “.
  • 24th Faculty Seminar (19.07.2017) by Ms. SudattaBarik, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant “Does Private Sector come under RTI?”.
  • 25th Faculty Seminar (26.07.2017) by Ms. Tulip Suman, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant on “Moral Rights in Copyright Law: Interpretation and Implications”.
  • 26th Faculty Seminar (02.08.2017) by Prof.Srikrishna Deva Rao, Vice-Chancellor and Ms. Suman Dash Bhattamishra, Assistant Professor of Law on “Future of Cinical Legal Education in India”.
  • 27th Faculty Seminar (09.08.2017) by Ms. Suman Dash Bhattamishra, Mr. Owaish Hasan Khan, Ms. NandittaBatra, Ms. KuntiraniPadhan on “Model Curriculum on Clinial Courses”.
  • 28th Faculty Seminar (23.08.2017) by Mr. RanginPallavTripathy, Assistatn Professor of Law and Eluckiaa, Fulltime Researcher on “Exploring The Performance Appraisal and Promotion Scheme of Judicial Officers in India”.
  • 29th Faculty Seminar (30.08.2017) by Mr. Kanishka, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant on “WagingALosingBattle:TheFightAgainstAntibiotic Resistant Superbugs”.
  • 30th Faculty Seminar (05.09.2017) by Dr.KondaiahJonalagadda, Associate Professor of Law and Mr. Priyanka Anand, Assistant Professor of Law on “SWAYAM and MOOC Courses”.

YEAR – 2018

  • 31th Faculty Seminar (17.01.2018) by Mr. RanginPallavTripathy, Assistant Professor of Law on “Standard of Proof in Inquiry against Judges: A Case for a Lower Threshold”.
  • 32th Faculty Seminar (07.02.2018) by Ms. Arjyalopa Mishra, Assistant Professor of Management on “A Study on the Coping Styles and Well Being of Female Prison Inmates in Choudwar Central Jail”.
  • 33th Faculty Seminar (21.02.2018) by Dr.Suvrashree Panda, Assistant Professor of Political Science on “Development and Resource Conflict: A Study of conflict around Hirakud Dam”.
  • 34th Faculty Seminar (07.03.2018) by Mr. AmarendraAjit, Mr. Akash Kumar, Mr. Kanishka on “Course Development on Health Law and Bio Ethics”.
  • 35th Faculty Seminar (04.04.2018) by Ms. KuntiraniPadhan, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant on “Honour Killings And The Role Of Khap Panchayats: Analysis Of The Justice J.S. Verma Committee Report Of 2013 and The Topical Developments”.
  • 36th Faculty Seminar (11.04.2018) by Mr. Pallab Das, Research Associate cum Teaching Assistant “Critical Analysis of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017”.
  • 37th Faculty Seminar (11.07.2018) Ms. Arjyalpa Mishra, Assistant Professor of Management on “Methodological Application in Data Collection and Data Analysis: Discussion on a Sample Research Design”.
  • 38th Faculty Seminar (25.07.2018) by Mr. Ashit Srivastava, Assistant Professof Law on “Privacy:ReductionismAndItsViabilityBeyond Its Institutional Mean”.
  • 39th Faculty Seminar (08.08.2018) by Prof. (Dr.) Srikrishna Deva Rao, Dr.Suvrashree Panda, Ms Kuntirani Pradhan and Ms.SohiniMahapatra made a presentation on B.VOC programme
  • 40th Faculty Seminar (28.08.2018) Mr. Pallav Das made a presentation on his “Summer School” experience on International Commercial Arbitration and European Studies held at Stroble,Vienna,Austria .
  • 41st Faculty Seminar (02.10.2018) Mr. Ashit Kumar Srivastava presented on the topic : “THE ROLE OF MEDIA AS A MEANS AND END OF MAINTAINING INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY”

YEAR – 2019

  • 42nd Faculty Seminar (15.01.2019) Ms. RishikaKhare presented on the topic : ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management: Ensuring Swachh Bharat through Public Participation’,
  • 43rd Faculty Seminar (05.02.2019) Ms.MadhubrataRayasingh presented on the topic “ Interim Union Budget -2019-2020″.
  • 44th Faculty Seminar (19.02.2019) byMs.DipanwitaMitra presented on the topic : “Juvenile Psychopathy and Heinous Crime: A Critical Study On Indian Juvenile Justice System”
  • 45th Faculty Seminar (13.03.2019) byMs.AnurupaChetia&Megha Sadhu will be presenting on the topic : ” Geographical Indication as a tool for the protection of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge: Meeting Points and Conflicts”.
  • 46th Faculty Seminar (27.03.2019)by Ms. RujitaT.R presented on the topic “Education & Research Exception to Copyright with spl ref. to The Chancellor, Masters & Scholars Of The University Of Oxford &Ors V. Rameshwari Photocopy Services &Anr.(DU Photocopy Case)”.
  • 47th Faculty Seminar (09.07.2019)Ms.Kaushiki Brahma presented on the topic : “Potential Anti Competitive Concerns of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry”
  • 48th Faculty Seminar (17.07.2019) Mr .A B Debasis Rout & Ms. MadhubrataRayasingh presented on the topic” UNION BUDGET 2019-20”
  • 49th Faculty Seminar (24.07.2019)Mr.S. Kannayiram shall be sharing his insights on “HOW TO WRITE A PROJECT PROPOSAL”, with specific reference to the development sector.
  • 50th Faculty Seminar (01.08.2019) byProf.NaliniJuneja (NUEPA), New Delhi and Prof. V.S. Elizabeth : Faculty Interaction.
  • 51th Faculty Seminar (07.08.2019) byMs.PallabiSengupta presented on the topic “To what extent should the education of children with disabilities be inclusive? “
  • 52th Faculty Seminar (14.08.2019) byDr.AbhikMazumdar, Ms.Sonal Singh and Mr. SubhapradMohanty presented on the theme “CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENTS CONCERNING JAMMU & KASHMIR: VARIOUS DIMENSIONS”.
  • 53th Faculty Seminar (21.08.2019) byMs.Divya Singh Rathor presented on the theme: “DECLARATION AS WILFUL DEFAULTER – A MECHANISM TO CONTROL NPAs”.
  • 54th Faculty Seminar (04.09.2019)- Mayank Tiwari on ‘NIRF Indicators’
  • 55th Faculty Seminar (18.09.2019)- PragyanPrasanjitaSahoo on ‘An Analysis of the Victim Compensation Schemes and its working in the different States of India’
  • 56th Faculty Seminar (25.09.2019) – Nikita Pattajoshi on ‘Protection of Climate Change Refugees: Locating the Remedy within Climate Change Treaties’
  • 57th Faculty Seminar (16.10.2019)- Ms. PrityRathi on ‘Urkund Anti Plagiarism Services’
  • 58th Faculty Seminar (23.10.2019)- KoushikGuhathakurta, Associate Professor, IIM Indore on ‘Research, Writing and Publications in Scopus Journals’

YEAR – 2020

  • 59th Faculty Seminar (22.01.2020)- Bejon Kumar Mishra – ‘Interaction with Faculties’
  • 60th Faculty Seminar (23.10.2020) – Prof Kesava Rao on ‘Methods of Teaching’
  • 61st Faculty Seminar (19.02.2020) – Aaratrika Pandey on ‘Critical Analysis of Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019’
  • 62nd Faculty Seminar (26.02.2020)- Rashmi RekhaBaug on ‘Extra-Judicial Killing in India -In the realm of Hyderabad encounter’
  • 63rd Faculty Seminar (04.03.2020)- Prof S. Sachidhanandam on ‘Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019’

YEAR – 2021

  • 64th Faculty Seminar (28.04.2021) – Prof (Dr) Aruna Sri Lakshmi on “Code on Social Security 2020”
  • 65th Faculty Seminar (28.04.2021) -Dr. Arjyalopa Mishra on “Human Resource Flexibility and Organizational Effectiveness: Mediating Role of Employee Intent to Stay” 
  • 66th Faculty Seminar (12.04.2021) – Prof Dolly Jabbal on “Civil Sheep in a criminal wolf’s clothing – section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881.”

YEAR – 2022

  • 67th Faculty Seminar (12.01.2022) – Prof Yogesh Pratap Singh on “Bancusprudence”.
  • 68th Faculty Seminar (19.01.2022) – Prof Rangin Pallav Tripathy on “Unveiling India’s Supreme Court Collegium: Examining Diversity of Presence and Influence”
  • 69th Faculty Seminar (09.02.2022) – Prof Dolly Jabbal on “Fintech and Law in India: Regulatory Sandboxes”
  • 70th Faculty Seminar (16.02.2022) – Mr. Amlan Chakraborty on “Intellectual Property protection of shared cultural heritage through Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCEs) in India: Missing legislative framework? “
  • 71st Faculty Seminar (23.03.2022) – Ms. Ankeeta Gupta on “Information Utilities and Blockchain: An Unlikely but Holy Partnership”
  • 72nd Faculty Seminar (02.04.2022) – CA Dr. A.B. Debasis Rout on “Castor Seed Futures Trading in India – Accessing it’s influence on Spot Price and Price Discovery Efficiency of Futures Market”
  • 73rd Faculty Seminar  (16.03.2022)  –   Dr. Ananya Chakraborty on “Russia-Ukraine Conflict- A Myriad Issues in Display“.
  • 74th Faculty Seminar (23.03.2022) – Ms. Eluckiaa A on “Examining Article XXI of GATT: In the light of Ukraine-Russia Conflict:
  • 75th Faculty Seminar (30.03.2022) – Mr. Akshay Verma on “The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution“.
  • 76th Faculty Seminar ( 06.04.2022) – Dr. Suvrashree Panda on Developmentalism and Tribal Resistance
  • 77th Faculty Seminar (20.04.2022) –  Ms Sonal Singh on Utilizing Public-Healthcare Related TRIPS Flexibilities: An Analysis
  • 78th Faculty Seminar (27.04.2022) – Mr Kumarjeeb Pegu on  Disappearing People? The Tribals and Forest- A discussion on a select list of case studies “.
  • 79th Faculty Seminar  (27.07.2022)- Dr. Mayank Tiwari on “The Changing Trends of Shareholders’ Participation in Indian Companies and the Corporate Governance”
  • 80th Faculty Seminar  (08.2022)- Dr. Sujith Koonan on “Legal Discourses on Manual Scavenging in India: From a ‘Right’ to a ‘Crime’”
  • 81th Faculty Seminar  (10.08.2022- Ms. Nikita Pattajoshi and Dr. Sohini Mahapatra on “Draft Project Report on Social Mapping of Migrant Workers in Odisha”
  • 82nd Faculty Seminar  (17.08.2022)- Rangin Pallav Tripathy “Future of Equal Pay in Sports”
  • 83th Faculty Seminar (23.08.2022)- Ms/ Athena Solomon on “Critically Analysing the existing legal frameworks with special reference to Platform Economy workers in India”
  • 84th Faculty Seminar (06.09.2022)- Ved Kumari on ‘Gender in Law’. 
  • 85th Faculty Seminar (21.09.2022)- Ms. Shrabani Acharya on ” Evolution of Right to be Forgotten in India and its Challenges” 
  • 86th Faculty Seminar (12.10.2022)- Prof. Ann Stewart on ‘Gender and Ageing in Plural Legal Contexts’ 

YEAR – 2023

  • 87th Faculty Seminar (04.01.2023)- Ms Auroshikha Mohanty on “Efficacy of One-Stop centres”
  • 88th Faculty Seminar (01.02.2023)- Mr Udit Narayan Mishra and  Mr Mohammad Sikandar on “A Costly Affair: Court Fees and Justice in India.”
  • 89th Faculty Seminar (15.02.2023) Dr. Burke, ‘legislative drafting in the United States Congress and implications of such practices within the Indian Parliament
  • 90th Faculty Seminar (22.02.2023) Ms Somya Mishra  ‘Legality of Stem Cell Research in India’.
  • 91st Faculty Seminar (01.03.2023) Ms Shivani Mamgain ‘Family Beyond Marriage: Exploring the Legal Recognition of Nontraditional Familial Relationships in India With Special Emphasis on the Queer Community’.
  • 92nd Faculty Seminar (15.03.2023) Prof.  Augustine Veliath  ‘Child Justice Center of Excellence in NLUO’.  15th march
  • 93rd Faculty Seminar (05.04.2023) Mr. Mohd Sikandar ‘wartime rape and accountability in international legal order: a quest to preventing and ending the impunity in conflict-related sexual violence’.
  • 94th Faculty Seminar (12.07.2023) Mr. Kumar A. Mukherjee ‘Prevalence of Online Crimes Online Victimization’.
  • 95th Faculty Seminar (19.07.2023) Ms. Ankeeta Gupta ‘Artificial Intelligence and Chit Funds: A Partnership?’
  • 96th Faculty Seminar (02.08.2023) Mr. M. Vijay Bhaskar, ‘Protection of Information Infrastructure and Its Legal Challenges’.
  • 97th Faculty Seminar (09.08.2023) Mr. Santosh Behera, ‘Ethical and Legal Challenges of Telemedicine in the Era of 21st Century – An Introspection’.
  • 98th Faculty Seminar (16.08.2023) Dr. Itishree Mishra, ‘Inclusiveness of Women in the Indian IP System with reference to Innovation and Entrepreneurship ‘.
  • 99th Faculty Seminar (23.08.2023) Ms. Shrabani Acharya, ‘The Paucity of Representation of Women in Judiciary: A Critical Analysis 
  • 100th IQAC Faculty Seminar Series (31.08.2023) Ms. Ayushi Srivastava, ‘Critical Analysis of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita 2023 ‘.
  • 101th IQAC Faculty Seminar Series (05.09.2023) Ms. Shivani Mamgain, Towards Inclusivity: – A Peek into the Supreme Court’s Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes’.
  • 102th IQAC Faculty Seminar Series (04.10.2023) Ms. Rashmi Rekha Baug, and Ms. Athena Solomon, ‘What’s New in the Law of Evidence in India: A Look at the Bharatiya Sakshya Bill,2023‘.
  • 103th IQAC Faculty Seminar Series (13.10.2023) Ms. Narayan Mishra, and Ms. Auroshikha Mohanty, ‘The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Bhartiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita: A comparative Perspective’.

YEAR – 2024

  • 104th IQAC Faculty Seminar Series (10.01.2024) Dr. Mayank Tiwari, ‘An Overview of NAAC Quality Indicators’.