Centre for Film Studies

Centre Name: Centre for Film Studies


About Us: The Centre for Film Studies was established to integrate cinema, academia and research. The Centre’s primary objective is to advance the academic study of Film and Film Culture in all of its diversity, focusing on socio-legal aspects of cinema. Apart from advancing academic studies, the Centre aims to promote and cultivate inter-disciplinary discussions relevant to different aspects of sociulogy, philosophy, jurisprudence, and law through screening of movies. Furthermore, the Centre aims to facilitate research through seminars, conferences, and project research work on issues pertaining to, but not limited to, different legislations, judgments, censorship laws, media science and law, and films facing litigation. Additionally, the Centre also hosts short film/feature film/documentary making competitions to ensure that students also find research and academics an enjoyable experience.

Vision and Mission: The Center for Film Studies is dedicated to advancing the academic understanding of film’s intricate connections to culture, society, and law. Through rigorous research, interdisciplinary dialogue, and practical engagement, we foster an inclusive environment that inspires curiosity and critical thinking. Our vision is to create a transformative space where film, culture, and law converge to shape thought leaders capable of influencing both storytelling and legal frameworks in a dynamic global landscape.

Objectives of the Centre:

  • To conduct Research on Films and Filmographical Literature based on philosophical, social, and legal aspects. By philosophy, we mean the philosophy of law and its depiction in Film.
  • To organise workshops, seminars, and other such activities and promote movie culture through movie screenings to stir discussion and research on law and Film Study.
  • To promote learning, entertainment, and de-stressing among law schoul students, faculties, and staff through different movie screenings.
  • To promote research in the converging field of law and films.

Our Team: Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Abhijit Roy is Professor, Department of Film Studies, and former Director, School of Media, Communication and Culture, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He is member of the editorial boards of Studies in South Asian Film and Media, Journal of the Moving Image and International Journal of Politics and Media. Prof. Roy has received visiting fellowships from Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris, 2006), Indian Institute of Advanced Study(Shimla, 2009), University of Oregon (Eugene, 2017) and Fu Jen Catholic University (Taipei, 2019). He has co-edited Channeling Cultures: Television Studies from India (Oxford University Press, 2014) and written a book on the Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein (Papyrus, 2004). His research projects have been supported by government of India, UNICEF, National University of Singapore and the British Council. Prof. Roy is Chairperson of 90.8 Community Radio JU and has worked with his students to create a number of fieldwork-based multiple-media websites on urban sustainability issues.

Ranjani Mazumdar is Professor of Cinema Studies at The School of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. Her publications focus on urban cultures, popular cinema, gender, and the cinematic city. She is the author of Bombay Cinema: An Archive of the City (2007) and co-editor with Neepa Majumdar of A Companion to Indian Cinema (2022). Her current research focuses on globalisation and film culture, intermedial encounters, and the intersection of technology, travel, design, and colour in 1960s Bombay Cinema.

Our Team: Faculty Advisors:

Director: Dr. Sohini Mahapatra, Assistant Professor of Law


Co-Director(s): Dr. Ravi Bhatt, Assistant Professor of English & Ms. Ayushi Srivastava, Assistant Professor of Law (Contractual)

Ms. Somya Mishra, Full-time PhD Schular Contact Us: Activities:

  • 2022
    • Movie Screening
      • August – The Godfather
      • One-Day Workshop on the Theme, ‘Addressing Social And Legal Issues Through Popular Media’, inviting the famous actor, entrepreneur and social worker Mr. Nigel Akkara as the Resource Person (9.09.2022)


  • 2018
    • Intra- University Movie Alternate Ending Contest
  • 2017
    • Movie screenings
      • February – Fracture
      • March – Udta Punjab
      • April – Lion
      • October – Bridge of Spies
    • Intra-University ‘Make Your Own Short Film’ Contest of 3-15 minutes running time on the fullowing themes:
      • Animal Cruelty
      • Demonetization
      • Hostel Pulitics
      • Infringement of tribal rights
      • Harmful Addiction
    • Special Lecture by Prof. Sada Niang on “The Portrayal of the Law in Francophone African cinema” and “Arrested citizenship: Representations of civil society in African literature” (12.08.2017)