“A single Credit Course on ‘Gendered Justice’ “.

The Centre for Women and Law, National Law University Odisha is conducting a (single) Credit Course on the theme of "Gendered Justice". The course has been scheduled in online mode (students outside NLUO ) and offline mode (NLUO students) on working days between 29th July to 9th August 2024 for 1.5 hours in the afternoon.

About the Course:

The course will provide an overview of the intersection between law and gender in the American context, with comparisons to international law as relevant. It will cover the theoretical concepts feminist and other gender justice scholars have used to understand the implications of gender on people's lives and explore how these theories help us to have a deeper understanding of the ways gender and the law work together to structure inequality into societal institutions. It will explore the impact of that inequality on individuals and groups of people in society with an emphasis on the role of organizing within oppressed gender groups to restructure law as it relates to gender to achieve equality. It will culminate with a look towards the future by re-imagining what an inclusive and gender equal system of laws might look like and how we might achieve it

About the Resource Persons:

This course will be conducted by Professor L. Denice Labertew, Juris Doctor of Human Rights.

Professor L. Denice Labertew -

With more than 20 years of experience in women’s leadership, grass roots organizing and non-profit management, Professor L. Denice Labertew has focused her career on ethically leading and empowering organizational and community teams to achieve their goals of societal change. She has worked with communities from East Los Angeles to Chennai, India, from Washington, D.C. to Glasgow, Scotland and has studied and shared collectively the methods that impact communities around the world. With a focus on addressing gender inequity and violence against women, she remains an advocate for community change. She has been a college professor for more than a decade.

Details of the Course:

The course shall be held in online mode and offline mode for a total duration of 16 hours.

The detailed course outline containing specific details of all the lecture sessions has been attached with the body of this mail for reference.

Payment Details:

The fee for this Credit Course is ₹ 1200/- which is payable through the SBI collect gateway.

The Course would have a limited number of seats. Registration will be allowed on a first-come first-serve basis. Therefore, participants are requested to check whether the form is accepting responses before making the payment.

The payment procedure has been attached below for reference. Payment through any other procedure shall not be accepted. Once the payment has been processed, the participants are requested to fill the Google form for registration and upload the payment receipt in the same form.

The link for the registration form can be accessed here: Registration Form

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